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NetworkingPartners.Orginvites you to come play in a brand-new sandbox!!!

​It offers a unique environment for business professionals to meet, network, and have fun.

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Community Involvement - Focus Member - One-on-Ones    Natural Partners - Continuous Peer Education

Vision Statement
NWP is composed of energetic, community-service-minded business professionals who will help each other’s businesses grow while giving back to their communities;
NWP will "Value" its members; value their commitments to each other and to their communities.
NWP is relationship-based, where each member endeavors to become the other members’ best advocate and where individual success comes from working together

Mission Statement
NWP meets bi-monthly to enable members to fulfill their commitment to building lasting relationships as they earn Referrals and Introductions by learning about others’ character, goals, and business philosophies and through adherence to the NWP Code of Ethics.
NWP members participate each quarter in a Community Involvement activity with a non-profit organization selected by the group. 

What sets NWP apart from traditional networking groups is its mix of Core Concepts.

The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition      #44      "Never confuse wisdom wth luck.

NetworkingPartners.Org (NWP) is the only business networking organization that empowers members to build chapters around professional groupings that move their business forward.

  • The Chapter meets every other week to share a meal, exchange ideas and contacts. A different member is the Focus Member at each meeting. Members generate referrals or introductions for the Focus Member during the following two weeks.
  • No more stacks of business cards! NWP works because members learn about each other’s businesses and share contacts that are targeted to each member’s business needs and goals.
  • Quarterly, the chapter participates in a Community Involvement activity.
  • Members also meet for periodic One-on-Ones to build deeper business connections and friendships.

NWP brings together professionals with a shared vision of success and a commitment to NWP’s Core Concepts.

NWP does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, religion, origin and/or sexual orientation.

Participation in NWP is by invitation or application.